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We prohibit the use of our company name and any misspelling or variations thereof, including but not limited to: and Global Surf Industries.

Recommended Keywords:

Surfboards, Surfing, Stand Up Paddle Boards, Shortboards, Longboards, SUP Paddles…and the list goes on and on.

Pay Per Click Bidding: is the premier online dealer for our surfboard brands. We are able to be successful because our website has super high standards of brand representation and accurate marketing. While we allow PPC bidding, when bidding on Pay Per Click Search Engines, Publishers may not bid on, misspellings or variations of our trademarked company name in pay per click search engines. All publisher links must go to a publisher owned URL and may not go directly to

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Publishers may not use site re-directs, pop-ups or pop-unders that link to our site. We do not allow publishers to use customer downloaded programs of any type to promote Using software of any kind to promote products is strictly prohibited.


Publishers may use content (including but not limited to reviews, copy, and images) exclusively to promote site. Because our content is produced entirely in-house, Publishers may not utilize content on any page to promote any other company.


Because we are extremely cautious with our brand and the brands we represent we ask that publishers adhere closely to these requirements. We have a long-standing reputation of supporting our publishers, and are here to help our publishers achieve success. Please call or Contact us for any assistance.