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Focusing on the hybrid genre, and surfers transitioning within the intermediate-to-experienced skill set, 7S offers a versatile range of surfboards constructed with some of the most innovative materials used for current surfboard manufacturing.
Designed by former WSL professional surfer Richie Lovett, this latest range features our exclusive Innegra Matrix (IM) material, which is unique to 7S, and provides the performance benefits of an EPS build, with a feel in the water that’s closer to a regular PU surfboard.
Competitively priced and spec’d with a little extra volume to make performance surfing easier, 7S boards are designed for the everyday surfer wanting to catch MORE WAVES and have MORE FUN.
Find out more about 7S Board Designer Richie Lovett

7S Hook – IM

Fish Shaped Surfboards

$699.00 Select options
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7S Superfish 4 IM Surfboard
7S Superfish 4 – IM

Fish Shaped Surfboards

$725.00$899.00 Select options
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