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Gnaraloo Beach Cruiser surfboards provide the ultimate in fun and safety for beginner surfers. Theses boards are incredibly buoyant, stable, and easy to ride.

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Product Description

Gnaraloo Beach Cruiser surfboards provide the ultimate in fun and safety for beginner surfers. Theses boards are incredibly buoyant, stable, and easy to ride.

With an emphasis on safety and durability, the Beach Cruiser feature a thick Polyethylene deck and a soft slick skin on the bottom surface that’s tough enough to take a beating, yet is soft enough to keep beginners safe.

The secret to the performance of these boards lies within the core. An embedded plywood stringer system maintains the integrity of the rocker while providing a stiff, stable platform. This lets you paddle onto waves with minimal effort and feel confident once you’re on your feet.

These surfboards are designed to withstand the toughest of treatment, making them ideal for surf schools. The vacuum construction process eliminates hard or sharp surfaces, and prevents peeling or bubbling. A reinforced tail zone also provides added protection.

Available in a variety of sizes from 9 foot right down to 6’0″. Each board comes fitted with a convenient carry handle and an easy-to-use fin system complete with flexible thruster fin set.

Your initiation into the world of surfing starts with a Gnaraloo Beach Cruiser.


LengthWidthThickVolumeFins (supplied with board)Approx Weight Range
(based on beginner to intermediate skill level)
7'0''21 7/8''3 1/4''69.8 ltrSoft Post75kg / 165lb
7'6''22''3 3/8''75.7 ltrSoft Post80kg / 176lb
8'0''22 5/8''3 1/2''85.4 ltrSoft post90kg / 198lb
9'0''24''3 3/4''105.6 ltrSoft post95kg / 209lb +

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Technical Information

Construction Softshell

Boards with Soft Shell construction feature much more technology then the eye can see. They are a combination of materials designed to allow the board to perform to the highest levels given the constraints of the flexibility of the materials. All boards feature an integrated Fin System, 2 or 3 Wooden Stringers depending on the size of the board to ensure the board is stiff enough. A light weight EPS core combined with a PE foam layer on the deck and a High Density PE Slick that is mounted to a thin PE Foam layer on the bottom give the board an awesome feel in the water. Soft enough not to hurt should you fall on it but hard enough to handle the power of the waves.
You can find out more about GSI’s surfboard construction on our surfboard construction page.

Board Contours Flat Bottom
Rail Full Rail
Wave Height 0-3ft Waves
Surfer Skill Level Beginner

2 reviews for Gnaraloo Beach Cruiser – Soft

    Kym Kilian May 29, 2018

    i originally bought my Gnaraloo 7ft softboard for days that were really small so I can still enjoy my surf on the small days. My skill level is about an intermediate and I go to a surf school 3-4 times a year to improve on my surfing skills, as I only recently got the board I thought i’d take it to the school and try it out instead of using my glass board. So my opinion on this board is as follows. Paddling onto waves is easy and does not take much effort with this board and for beginners this board will help keep you in a straight line and stable to speed up the progress of getting you to your feet more often. The advantage of this board compared to other softboards for beginners is the compatible FCS fin system which allows you to progress your surfing further on a board you have gained confidence on without the need of going straight to a glass board and feel like your starting all over again. when you progress to the stage of angling on green waves this board holds well on the face of the wave when you change the fins that came with the board for stiffer ones (FCS M3/M5/M7 for Beginners) and for the more advance surfers use your favourite glass fins as this board is a bit harder to turn for those with a bit more skill and used to turning on a glass board but I recommend using a smaller centre fin to loosen it up to make it a bit easier to turn. Overall I think this board is Brilliant for all level surfers especially the beginner who wants to keep the same board to progress with..
    I am now looking at getting the Gnaraloo flounder pounder and trying that out and comparing it to the beach cruiser and my glass boards.

    Chad Williams March 12, 2018

    I bought a 9’0 Gnaraloo in 2014 as I got involved as a coach with Special Olympics surfing here in Palm Beach County, Florida. I’ve been surfing for about 15 years, so I grabbed this softtop for the lessons and never expected for it to actually become the most versatile weapon in my quiver for years to come. Not only did the Gnaraloo excel in the ‘beginner surf lesson’ department, but it quickly proved itself to be way more than the average softtop is mocked to be. I started taking the Gnaraloo out on my own personal sessions, having only ever shortboarded before, and quickly grew to love the soft log. Soon enough, I was taking it out on the days that I did not have a step-up to handle (albeit few and far between big sessions in Florida). This baby blue Gnaraloo reacted so well to everything I threw at it. I eventually ripped the leash plug straight out of the back of the board on a big day, but fixed it with some spare wood and gorilla glue. Just last week, I had to say goodbye to the Gnaraloo, as I paddled it out in heaving 10ft+ winter storm Riley surf. She handled some massive moments, but succumbed to one massive clean up set I simply could not avoid. 4 whole years of lessons and personal surf sessions in all kinds of waves flashed before me as I came up with the board in two pieces.

    These Gnaraloo boards are outrageous fun. They’re build sturdily, safe for beginners, and can far surpass your expectations if you plan on surfing it in some real swell. I, also, never had to wax my original Gnaraloo, which was nice. The day my old-faithful 9’0 snapped, I immediately went and got a new one, this time an 8’0. I can tell there have been some design and construction improvements, and I cant wait to use this newer one as my go-to for all sorts of conditions. The boards simply feel and ride nicer than any other softtop brand I have tried.

    Here is a video of one fun time on my Gnaraloo softtop here in Florida

    I tell all my friends to give my Gnaraloo a try, and a lot of them have since gotten their own. I recommend you try one, too.
    -Chad from Florida

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