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Product Description

The Modern Blackfish combines usability and performance in a contemporary fish shape, and our X-2 bamboo construction produces a light, durable surfboard with extra strength on the deck.

OUTLINE: Contemporary fish shape with the wide point shifted forward to assist with paddle efficiency. The tail narrows in the last 24 inches adding control and bite in steeper sections.

CONTOURS: The subtle single-to-double concave bottom feels very reliable and offers quick response in a variety of conditions.

ROCKER: The smooth, well-balanced rocker is designed to get you into waves early, accelerate fast off the bottom, and then maintain speed as you transition from one turn to the next.

FOIL: The Blackfish has plenty of volume under the chest and through the mid zone creating stability and making it very easy to paddle and ride. The domed deck leads out to performance rails that heighten sensitivity when turning.

The Modern Blackfish is very reliable and versatile enough to use everyday or on your next surfing adventure.

Technical Information

Technology X2 Epoxy

This construction is used exclusively in the NSP and Surf Series programs. It focuses on making the surfboard a durable as possible. The EPS core is reinforced with Fiberglass and then a top sheet of Top Sheet is added to enhance the overall strength of the board. All the layers are fused together using a special epoxy resin that helps to create what we think is the most durable performance orientated Surfboard construction available on the market globally right now.
You can find out more about GSI’s surfboard construction on our surfboard technologies page.

Board Concave Single/Double Concave
Rail Neutral Rail
Wave Height 1-8ft Waves
Surfer Skill Level Advanced, Beginner, Intermediate


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