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The Mini Mega Magic SLX longboard is a high volume version of Walden’s popular performance longboard in more a compact design.

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Product Description

The Mini Mega Magic SLX longboard is a high volume version of Walden’s popular performance longboard in more a compact design.

The length-to-volume ratio is the key element that delivers significant performance advantages over other surfboards in its class.

Like all Magic models, the Mini Mega features a unique patented hull design. Single concave runs from the nose through to the midpoint to enhance speed while adding control. Double concave extends towards the tail providing quicker response time and sensitivity through turns. Finally moderate vee out through the tail keeps the board highly maneuverable while also making for smoother rail-to-rail transitions.

The outline is geared for performance; the nose and tail have been pulled in to allow the board to fit into more critical parts of the wave and turn in a tighter radius. The unique step rail on the deck combined with a hard edge and a beveled vee on the bottom strike a balance between bite and forgiveness when the board is set on rail.

Available in SLX and set up with a tri-quad fin configuration, the Mini Mega Magic is ideal for surfers who want the volume of a longer board, but still want the maneuverability and freedom usually reserved for shortboards and hybrid models.


NOTE: rider weight is based on board volume and intermediate rider skill level.

LengthWidthThickVolumeFins (supplied with board)Approx Weight Range
6'10''23 1/2''3 3/4''67 ltrFCS Fusion M785kg / 187lb or less
7'6''23 1/2''3 5/8''74 ltrFCS Fusion85kg / 187lb +

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Technical Information

Construction SLX Epoxy

SLX construction produces a controlled flex pattern by combining the versatility of epoxy materials with the added advantage of reduced weight. All SLX boards have an EPS core with a high-grade timber stringer, which is laminated by hand using epoxy resign, biaxial fiberglass and a specialized construction process.
Featuring a high strength-to-weigh ratio, and designs CNC milled directly from the shapers files. SLX boards feel light, responsive and are very sensitive under your feet. These boards are extremely versatile, easy to ride, and can be used in wide variety of conditions.
You can find out more about GSI’s surfboard construction on our surfboard construction page.

Board Concave Magic Bottom
Rail Magic Step Rail
Wave Height 1-6ft Waves
Surfer Skill Level Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

15 reviews for Walden Mini Mega Magic – SLX

    Barry hox March 16, 2019

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    Mark December 15, 2017

    I’m a big guy at 240 and needed a shorter board to actually catch waves and have maneuverability. Well I finally can do that again with this board, even beating my long boards!

    SNJ June 26, 2017

    I spent the past three years teaching myself to surf on a 9’0 longboard. I wanted a board that would help me start progressing toward a short board before time catches up with me. I’m a 35 yr old, 5’7, 140 lb male. I tend to get out 1-2 times per week for 9 months out of the year and I have to live with whatever the conditions are when I have time to go. I’ve taken this board about probably a dozen times by now and my thoughts are as follows. The board does paddle as well as a longboard with one major distinction. It’s light enough to get up to speed faster so I can catch waves later but doesn’t carry the speed as much as a longboard so I don’t get into waves as early. The length combined with the pulled in nose allow for a later takeoff. The board carries speed down the line very effectively. It will fit into more critical portions of a wave where a longboard would be challenged. It turns in tight spaces far more effectively than a longboard which is the key area I was looking to improve my surfing. If you’re a beginner that wants to start performing turns where you really bring the nose around, this board can help you get there. While they market it for big guys, it can be a very effective board for a smaller individual to progress their surfing with. If there’s any drawbacks it’s the realization that it isn’t a longboard and it isn’t a shortboard. You won’t catch waves quite as early as a longboard and you won’t carve like a shortboard. Be smart about where you paddle out. It doesn’t have the weight of a longboard to push through the oncoming waves but it has a lot of volume to duck dive. In stomach to chest high waves, this board is a lot of fun. I’ve set it up as thruster and a quad and thought either set up was fine. If your timing and location are good when you pop up and you get your weight on your front foot the board will move as fast as you need it to in any wave that isn’t closing out.

    Silk February 27, 2017

    I can catch almost any wave with this magic bullet. Now impatiently waiting for the 2017 version

    Nabil Bahi November 22, 2016

    I’m 47 going on 18. Id love to surf a short board, but at 210lbs that’s a challenge. I love my Walden Mega 8 ft but wanted more maneuverability. I found almost the same float in the mini 6’10 with more feel of a short board,love it!!!!!! Unfourtunatly recently on a trip my board flew out of my boat while towing at night, didn’t know until the next morning.SUCKS!!!! I love the board so much I’m ordering another one as soon as I get back home.

    Rick D September 6, 2016

    I’m 5’10 and 185lbs. And I’m 53yo. I considered myself a very good surfer back in my younger days in Fla. Then I went many years w/o surfing. We moved to Wilm 5 years ago and I decided to get back into it. I bought a used board which was too small and didn’t have enough volume for me. I was frustrated because I had never surfed a long board but thought that was what I needed at my age and size. I got a 9′ and caught a lot of waves but really missed the ability to work the wave. So I went online and came across this site and emailed Tony Butler. Tony is great. He immediately called me back and we talked about my history and size and weight. He suggested the Mini Mega Magic and said, “I have one in my garage if you want to test drive it.” I did and immediately fell in love with it. I got the 7’6″ . The first day I took it out there was a waist high swell at Wrightsville Beach. I paddled out just south of the Oceanic.and after about 5 minutes a nice set came through. I easily caught my first wave on my new board. Imagine my horror as I noticed someone dropping in on me. He was about twelve and very apologetic. I was afraid to look but my brand new board had two brand new gashes in it. Luckily I was a short walk to South End Surf shop. I asked the owner Jeff if he had any suggestions. Jeff is awesome and he slapped a couple SESS stickers on my board and I was right back in the water. The stickers are still there because I can’t bear to be w/o this board for two weeks to get it repaired. Like a long board it’s very easy to catch the wave. But once you drop in you are able to work the wave. Have not had this much fun surfing in many years. My only regret is I didn’t come across Tony and these boards sooner

    Mathew, New Zealand August 4, 2016

    I have owned this board 6’10” mini mega magic for the last 2.5 years. I also own another 6’8 spitfire and 7’0′ superfish 2 ff. Mini mega magic is a must board to have that will let you have fun in any conditions, big or small. The paddle is easy, I would say you only need two paddles and you are within the wave. Handles great for the volume it has, I found it better and faster with quads especially on bigger and hollow waves were the side quad fins hold ur line when you are deep into a hollow wave despite the high volume. This board is a great cruser as you can easily connect between sections especially if it goes flat for few meters. The only compromise is that the board is slightly stiff which makes perfect sense for the amount of foam it has. This will hold back your floaters and restrict aggression around the lip area. You can still get some great turns down the leap and some curving which will generate you more than enough speed down the line. You cannot duck dive this board, at least efficiently, as a small board will do; turtle turn is the way to go. I have surf this board on very small days and I was the only guy with a smaller board and not a longboard. I have also surf this board in steep point and beach breaks with swells 7ft plus and the board was still handling well, especially when you can get early into the wave before the short boarders do. Overall, this board remains my favorite as I had the greatest fun among all the other boards I own. Is great to know you can surf in almost any conditions starting from 1.2 ft ocean swells and still be able to fit this board inside your saloon car with only back seats down and having two passengers on the front. Cheers Walden for this great all round board.

    cody forgy August 1, 2016

    If you can’t catch a wave with this board…

    Michael Teahan June 6, 2016

    Who says there is no such thing as love at first sight!!!! The board coulnd not possibly look and feel any more solid than it does. I had no idea what SLX was but to me it seems as tough as epoxy and a lot better looking. Unlike many of the reviews I have read on the Mini Mega I am going from a 6’4 42 ltr quad to the 6’10 mini 67 ltr of volume. I am 6’4 205 and was looking for a board to increase my wave count here in jupiter Florida. Talking with Tony Butler from GSI who was extremely helpful at narrowing my choices, his final advise “go with your gut” the 6’10 mini arrived shortly thereafter. While at the mercy of mother nature surfing in se fl I did have one day I got to really break it in 30 waves. Like with anything new takes a bit of getting use to but incredible float and ease of paddling along with stability that allowed for late takeoffs w confidence. I look forward to going out in any kind of conditions for a long long time with this mini mega. Tony and GSI class acts and fantastic service. Thanks for a super board!! Michael

    Chris March 29, 2016

    I purchased the 6’10 mini mega magic.. I stepped down to this board from a 9’0 longboard.. There was a little bit of an adjustment period, but the board paddles about as well, and catches waves as early.. I’ve taken it out on days from 2-8 feet.. The board has handled great in all conditions.. I’m 6’1 and around 190 pounds, and it floats amazing.. Thanks for the great board

    Todd February 23, 2016

    You have to know how to ride a longboard and a shortboard to get all the the magic out of this board.. but it is truly a magic bored ! I’m 6 3 and 225 pound I can move this board style it out all over the place most unique board I’ve ever riden

    Peter Brittain January 4, 2016

    I bought the Walden Mini Mega Magic 2nd hand, but in brand new condition. What a
    brilliant board! I am 51 and am 92 kgs and reasonably fit. I ride boards between 6’0
    and 8’1. The 6’0’s were starting to be a struggle paddling against all the grommets
    and Balinese locals so I started riding my longer boards more often.

    I set the Walden up with a small FCS quad fin set and it is hands down the most fun I
    have had surfing in the last 40 years!

    I have never caught so many waves – paddles as good if not better than my long boards
    yet is as loose as I need it to be. Haven’t tested it on big waves yet, but plenty of
    smaller ones up to head high and it sits beautifully in the barrel.
    Thanks a lot Walden!!

    Greg Harman December 24, 2014

    Just bought the mini mega Walden 7ft 6. I weigh in around 106 kilos and am 6 foot tall and am a long standing surfer with intermediate skills. The board floated me well and paddled easily with my body out of the water. I’ve only surfed it in real small onshore surf but the board took off well on real sloppy waves. I need to practice getting to my feet quicker as usually I surf an 11 footer longboard. I’m looking forward to getting it out in some decent surf. Highly recommend this board if you are a big guy like me and want to revitalise your surfing on something smaller than a mal.

    Paul June 7, 2013

    Well done guys! I`m 55yrs old and 108kg. Just getting back into surfing after a 5 year spell and I`m embarrassed to admit I`m very unfit, stiff and aches all over. I was sure my enjoyable surfing days were over, until my wife bought me the 7`6“ WALDEN MINI MEGA MAGIC which is an absolute hoot and it has rekindled my urge to go surfing as much as I can. This board is every bit as good as advertised and more. Well done Steve Walden and all your team!! Thankyou so much for making me feel like a kid again after all these years (albeit my old age, lack of fitness and stiffness all over). Cheers!! Paul 🙂

    pat from holland May 20, 2013

    Great and very fun board, this board is extremely loose for its volume thanks to the tail rocker. Ride it as a quad or a quint with a tiny center fin to get an even looser feel.

    Very fast because it is so flat rockered in the center combined with the magic tri plane bottom and catches every wave you like.

    Nice and light, a very good investment if you are tired of not getting enough waves but dont want to be on a longboard or Sup.

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