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The 7S Double Down aims to increase your wave count and enhance your small wave repertoire by offering the paddle advantages of high volume mixed into a stable yet responsive hybrid design that can be ridden much shorter than a standard surfboard.

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The 7S Double Down aims to increase your wave count and enhance your small wave repertoire by offering the paddle advantages of high volume mixed into a stable yet responsive hybrid design that can be ridden much shorter than a standard surfboard.

OUTLINE: The nose and tail dimensions at 12″ are the same, creating a parallel rail-line through the middle. This translates to a bigger planing zone and a larger sweet spot. The full nose further adds to the stability, and the “Corner Round” tail allows the width to extend further back, while still getting the smoother transitions between turns that a round tail is famous for.

ROCKER: With an emphasis on smaller conditions, flat equals flow in this surfboard. Currently the flattest board in the 7S range, and for that reason it will slide into waves with ease and maintain its speed over dead sections with minimal effort. Slight lift in the nose and tail will satisfy the more experienced riders looking for a summer groveller.

CONTOURS: Subtle yet effective, the slight concave up front creates lift when taking off, then a double concave starting in the mid zone leads into a shallow rolled vee off the tail. This allows the board maintain its speed in softer waves, yet provides a nice balance of control versus turning ability once your back foot is positioned closer towards the tail.

PERFORMANCE: Think summer beach breaks or soft point waves where you need a board with enough foam to get you going, but won’t restrict how you want to perform on a wave. The Double Down is best surfed off the tail, and because of its volume and shorter dimensions, the pendulum weight of a longer board is eliminated making turning super easy. This one will shorten the learning curve for novice riders, but will also appeal to more experienced surfers as great small wave performer.

The 7S Double Down does not come with fins. See spec table below for suggested template.

Find out more about 7S Board Designer Richie Lovett.


LengthWidthThickVolumeFins (recommended NOT supplied)Approx Weight Range
(based on novice to intermediate skill level)
5'2''19 3/4''2 1/4''25.5 ltrFCSII Performer M60kg / 132lb or less
5'4''20''2 5/16''27.2 ltrFCSII Performer M65kg / 143lb
5'6''20 1/4''2 3/8''29.25 ltrFCSII Performer M70kg / 154lb
5'8''20 1/2''2 1/2''32 ltrFCSII Performer M75kg / 165lb
5'10''20 3/4''2 5/8''34.8 ltrFCSII Performer M80kg / 176lb
6'0''21''2 3/4''37.8 ltrFCSII Performer M85kg / 187lb
6'2''21 1/4''2 7/8''40.9 ltrFCSII Performer M90kg / 198lb
6'4''21 1/2''3''44.1 ltrFCSII Performer M95kg / 209lb
6'6"21 3/4"3 1/16"46.7 ltrFCSII Performer M100kg / 220lb
6'8"22"3 1/8"49.25 ltrFCSII Performer M110kg / 240 lb

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Technical Information

Construction Carbon Vector

Carbon Vector (CV) construction delivers unmatched performance by harnessing the flex characteristics of epoxy and the strength of carbon. CV combines a stringerless, high-density custom shaped EPS core laminated with biaxial fiberglass, epoxy resin and a distinctive carbon fiber webbing, (positioned on the bottom and around the rails).
The carbon fiber webbing serves to evenly distribute tension across the entire surface area of the board to produce a lively, yet controlled flex pattern with remarkable memory recall. The biaxial fiberglass on the deck serves to add strength and also help prevent delaminating. CV boards feel fast, light and highly responsive in all conditions.
Created by GSI to compliment a range of board models and designs, this construction has proven to have superior flex properties over our other board technologies by up to 20%.
You can find out more about GSI’s surfboard construction on our surfboard construction page.

Board Contours Single Double Vee
Rail Mid to Boxy Rail
Surfer Skill Level Intermediate, Advanced
Wave Height 0-3ft Waves

6 reviews for 7S Double Down – CV

    Steven W May 14, 2018

    Year plus half-ish and this board is my goto for most days. Bigger days, not so much, but those aren’t often. Ride this board with MR Twins plus really small trailer fin. It rocks and is even a blast backside too! This board is just a really awesome board, haven’t seen many in the line up…great for me since it’s a wave machine! Go in and come out smiling everytime

    Stay safe,

    P.S. nospam, definitely get rid of those reactors and slip in some MR Twins, Good luck

    Damien November 13, 2017

    I bought myself a 6.2ft double down as wanted a board that was short and that i could throw around but at the same time still float me, i am 6.1ft and weigh a 105kg so not the smallest of surfers. first session on this board was unbelievable this board flies and turns on a dime.

    matt hannegan April 18, 2017

    I took out my 5’10” Double Down in 2-4ft surf a Oceanside Harbor , Ca First it was easy catching waves…. I had 21 waves and 28 turns in just an hour and a half(Trace Device)I been surfing for over 25 years and have ridden many popular name brand boards, but the DD is one of the most fun to ride, it’s easy to paddle, very loose and fast, just loved carving up the wave, not losing and speed in between turns, just fluid connections. I rode it in a quad configuration that really provided extra speed. This is my go to board 2-4 feet,, really happy with this purchase, as most of us know the surf most of the time is not that good, and to have a board that can work in those conditions is magic. 5-star !

    Phil Avalon March 10, 2017

    I was blown way by the stability. Easy to get into waves & fast…..I was also happy with the way it ran as a quad. And it handled bigger waves OK.

    Steven W. September 21, 2016

    Second adventure on the Double Down was in knee to waist sized, left over swell. Tide was going out at our Florida inlet and the swell was pushing numerous lefts with clean conditions. Obviously paddling out was easy, too easy, which began a paddling frenzy for the next 2hrs. easy, that I didn’t waste any energy. I was very tired from working all day and finished duties around 0200. Then up at 0600 to get off duty and looked at the surf cam. Yup, off I went! What’s important here is that the paddling power is incredible. This extends your ability to sprint 5 yrs to get to that bowl and continue to out paddle the competition. Then before you know it, you’re on the face exploding down the line. Now, with that being said, I was taught long ago that once you’re up, start right then with your maneuvers. If the wall calls for it, run it or if it’s bowling, carve away. Yesterday, there were both and the Double Down smoked everything!!! Dropped in and whatever the wave dictated, the Double Down was able to not only perform but excell!!! On the backside waves, I was able to drop in, hard bottom turn smash the lip completely vertical and then continue down the line with more than ample speed for the next move! Even dropped in on a clean up set, peaky walled up faces. Pushed pressure on the tail, kept the rail in the face and actually grabbed a small barrel/coverup for several seconds. Blasted out of that with so much speed, was able to ride it all the way in past the flat spot into the second building face. I honestly can not say enough about this little rocket!!! So stoked! Can’t wait to try other fin setups, but the MR Twins w/the small trailer is just magic setup!!! As time.goes.on, I’ll enter another review on its durability and other fin setups. I do keep her in a full bag and only take her out when she’s going to be used. Again, this stick is an incredible capable surfboard!!! If you want to seriously increase your wave count and still be able to maneuver all over the wave face…..BUY THIS BOARD!!! It honestly is a greatly shaped, smooth speed, able to be placed where you want it.type of groveler and able to push her into some bigger thicker waves. Have to mention once.more, the speed has purpose. It moves with purpose and desires to be driven! Whether it is up and down in the bowl or down the face, then flicked on a rail into a driving full water throwing cutback! Just as with anything else, if you commit and follow through with your maneuvers, this board (Double Down) will deliver and deliver with drive!!! This IS a must have board!!! Stay safe! Steve

    Steven W. September 19, 2016

    First off, was unsure if I should order this board or not. Looked at several different boards in this category – flat rocker, fish nose and semi performance tail type for smaller weaker waves. After conversation after conversation with Tony Butler the Customer Service Manager @ Global Surf Industries, he convinced me that this is and will be a great complimentary board to my Slip Stream. After purchasing it, I installed a deck pad and MR twins w/trailer fin. The waves finally calmed down for our last hurricane / depression (so I thought) enough to try her out. So I did, in 2 to 4 heavy pushing, low angle faced waves, plus some wierd chop that the wind had put onto them. As for a groveler, I went with a higher liter in my range. As I paddled, I noted how easy it was to paddle, stable and planed out right off the bat. Duck diving was no issue either, which I was suprised about since I did go with more float. Once out into the lineup, I started for a waveface that present to have little push, but had a long line on it. Before I knew it, I was in….up and hauling ace!!! Went right, two pumps and rounded off the white water, went backside to a big bowl, huge backside cutback, traveling right again, popped up to a floater, rode the new face with several more huge sweeping cutbacks all the way to ankle deep water!!! I couldn’t believe how fast this little fubar was….is!!! The rest of my session went the same….over and over, wave after wave. Seriously awesome stick!!! I honestly can’t say enough about this little hustler! She is absolutely awesome! Worth every red penny earned and saved to get her. Yes, I do advise anyone wanting to get a board that can handle weak to semi peaky faced waves, this stick (7s Double-Down) is it! Light, fast and easy to ride; stable, but still able to put up on a rail. It’s solid and can do what you want her too. I didn’t find her to be skatish like my Walden Retro Fish, but way more drive than my fish!!! Way more drive and it was like it wanted to perform and surf, but with a driven glide. If you want to go faster, just work the waveface, if you want to maintain a fast pace, just let her glide. She literally loves to drive fast and if you want to drive faster, just give her a pump or two, just hold on be vase she’s fast!!! Any questions, just ask me! This board just rocks! Stay safe, Steve

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