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Global Surf Industries uses a variety of freight companies to ship orders across New Zealand, more often than not the carrier will be Mainfrieght.

Once your order is placed – and your chosen method of payment has confirmed the clearance of your funds – you’ll get an email  to confirm your order that looks like this:

Sample Order

Sample Order Confirmation

Depending on the time by which we get the shipping details, you may get an email with or without freight tracking information – this is what a without one looks like :

Sample Order Complete

Sample Order Complete

And this is what it looks like with tracking – there will be a link to the freight company’s website with your shipment number appended so you should be taken straight to the details of your order.

Sample Completed Shipped Order

Sample Completed Shipped Order

Once you receive your shipment email, delivery will usually take 1 to 3 days depending on how far your delivery address is from our Warehouse in Auckland.

All delivery is free and included in the price you pay for the surfboard.