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Haydenshapes Hypto Krypto FF Shortboard

Rated 4.71 out of 5 based on 7 customer ratings
(7 customer reviews)

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Product Description

The Hypto Krypto is the most versatile shape in the Haydenshapes range, enabling it to be ridden in waves from 1ft to 8ft. It paddles like a dream due to the volume and flatter rocker. You ride the Hypto Krypto on the open face, drawing fast, flowing lines with all the speed it provides.

The outline resembles an old school twin fin in the nose, yet pulls into a rounded pin tail which will give you plenty of hold in the bigger stuff, and provide a lot of curve around the back foot. You can use the wider, straighter outline forward on the board to give you speed down the line and the rounded pintail to draw tighter arcs in the pocket.

Although the rocker of the Hypto Krypto is flat, Hayden has snuck in a little extra lift in the entry to add some curve up front; this helps taking off late, or turning in the steeper sections of the wave. The design of the rocker has been focused around speed, and more speed! The Hypto has never been shaped as a quad because it is too fast already, you’ll find yourself making sections down the line that you would never expect to make.

The foil has plenty of volume around the chest and center area of the board, yet it refines out to a thinner, more pinched rail to keep the board connected to the wave. The concave runs from a rolled vee in the entry, to a slight single transitioning into a vee double out the tail, which gives the board great speed and control from rail to rail.

Overall the Hypto Krypto is the one stop board that you can travel all around the world having fun in average conditions, as well as taking to the barrel and open face when the swell pumps!

Here’s some extra info about HS Futures Fins.


NOTE: rider weight is based on board volume and intermediate rider skill level.
5'4''19 1/2''2 1/4''26.2 ltrFuture HSS70kg / 154lb or less
5'6''19 3/4''2 3/8''28.31 ltrFuture HSM75kg / 165lb or less
5'8''20''2 1/2''31 ltrFuture HSL85kg / 187lb or less
5'10''20 1/4''2 5/8''33.79 ltrFuture HSL90kg / 198lb or less
6'0''20 1/2''2 3/4''36.56 ltrFuture HSL90kg / 198lb +
6'2''20 3/4''2 3/4''38.39 ltrFutures HSL90kg / 198lb +
6'4''21''3''43.23 ltrFuture HSL90kg / 198lb +
6'6''21 1/2''3''45.53 ltrFuture HSL90kg / 198lb +
6'8''22''3 1/4''51.47 ltrFuture HSL90kg / 198lb +
6'10''22 1/2''3 1/4''53.96 ltrFuture HSL90kg / 198lb +

Action Shots


Technical Info


FutureFlex Construction

FutureFlex represents the very latest in surfboard technology and design. The construction process combines a stringerless, high-density custom shaped EPS core laminated with biaxial fiberglass, epoxy resin and a parabolic carbon fiber frame.

The carbon fiber frame within the laminate is the key to the performance of these boards. Designed to maximize speed and drive while minimizing twisting, FutureFlex boards essentially store and release energy as the surfer transitions through a turn. The result is a fast and lively, highly responsive surfboard that's perfectly geared for high performance surfing.

You can find out more about GSI's surfboard construction on our surfboard technologies page

Board Concave


Single to double concave compresses and directs water flow adding lift and drive.


This is a low volume rail.
Surfer Skill Level

Advanced, Intermediate

Wave Height

1-8ft Waves


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4.71 out of 5 stars

7 reviews

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  1. 5 out of 5 Awsome

    Father of 3, i have to travel with one board. My 6.0 makes it all for all conditons ! Awsome to fly through sections. Fast and perfect on the open face.

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  2. 5 out of 5 UNA TABLA PARA TODO

    Es una surfboard muy divertida, segura, ágil y rápida. Es increíble la facilidad con la que se cogen las olas. Yo la uso también como un twin fin con aletas más anchas, con mayor área en la base y la punta ligeramente retrasada, eso combinado con el tipo de cola la hacen aún más ágil y sigue siendo segura. También sería muy interesante que la fabricasen con foam Varial, me gustaría tener una con esa tecnología de construcción, más ligera aún, más resistente e igualmente vivaz y reactiva.

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  3. 3 out of 5 It is what it is..

    I like Future Flex (FF) construction. It’s about half way between a poly board (old style, more flex, you can finesse the board) and a epoxy pop out like Surftech (stiffer, corky feel). FF’s do ding, especially on the deck from heelies. Very light. Hypto- Typical Hayden ‘fishy’ design. Easy entry, smooth turns. Forgiving. Not for your snap backs, punt air, gyrating, rail to rail surfer (although you can if you’re a really good surfer and push the board). Good volume under chest. Paddles nice. Hard to get the tail loose. Experiment with fins. Makes a big difference. I tried a dozen combos and settled on Stretch SF4 outside with a H2 single center…I know, really weird set up, but works for me. I was surprised the Hypto works in larger waves as well as small. I use it when I’m feeling mellow. Quiver: 6’2″ Hayden Germ, 5’10” DWART, 6′ Potatonator, 6’4′ Fyer. 6’2″ New Flyer, 6’2″ Von Sol Shadow, 5’11” Puddle Jumper, 8′ R. August. Me: 6’2″, 190lbs. Surfed competitively 10 years ago.

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  4. 5 out of 5 Game changer

    I’ve been surfing New England point breaks for roughly 15 years. This board is literally a game changer. I catch 2x the waves, make sections I would have missed, and make cleaner turns than before. If you watched me ride one of my other shortboards and then watched me ride this… you’d think it was two different dudes.

    Here is how it fits into my quiver:
    (1) Hypto Krypto 6’2, 38 liters
    (2) CI Flyer, 6’4 31.5 liters
    (3) CI MSF Single Fin, 6’6 43 liters

    I’ve surfed the hypto in waist high to 3 feet over head and it’s been absolutely perfect. Not sure if I’ll ever ride my other boards again. I don’t get into enough waves on my 6’4 flyer. The single fin isn’t as much fun to ride.

    I’m 5’9, 33yrs, and 155lbs. I surf once a week and I’m not that strong (which is why I opted for the larger volume to add paddle power).

    I’m really happy with the size i chose. I can duck-dive this board with ease. It’s perfect in trunks and i’m really confident that it will float me in a 6mil in February.

    I never post product reviews… but I got a lot of value out of the other reviewers so I figured it was time to give back!

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  5. 5 out of 5 Good board

    This board goes very well in most conditions but particularly in fuller waves. Great to paddle and catch waves to.

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  6. 5 out of 5

    I was hesitant buying a board online… but was pleasently suprised by the
    quality constuction when it arrived.solid glass job, great color,shape
    looks just as shown on site.No dings pressure or otherwise during
    shipping.Very happy on performance of board,fast,loose for a 6-8″. Catches
    waves like a dream. Mushy semi-mushy 3-8ft. super fun board.( BOOM ) AS
    ADVERTISED! 53 yr.old 5-11″ 195lb. 40 yrs. surfing.

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  7. 5 out of 5

    One session after watching a good friend absolutely SHRED the Hypto, I was sold. My boy already had a ton of
    ability, but it was as if the Hypto unlocked his hidden potential. Once I rode it, it turned things on for me similarly.

    I love riding …lost-type round-nose fishes here on the East Coast on those softer days, so the volume up front and the flat rocker felt natural. Immediately, this board differentiated itself by that tight rounded pintail and thruster setup. Once you engage that back foot, the Hypto transforms from a wave-catching, flowing fish to an all-out high performance shortboard. Turns vertically like a dream, holds tight in the barrel and draws super-tight arcs on the open face. The volume up front really aids in generating speed off of your bottom turn and provides a super-solid feel when rebounding off of the whitewater on cutbacks and off-the-tops. Being a fish enthusiast, the Hypto is the perfect option for when the waves have more of a curve or vertical wall, or when it is running fast down the line, which happens often when it gets good here on the East Coast. It also performs well in softer surf due to the volume up front. Like James said in the previous review, it’s a head turner.

    I had a guy at Soup Bowl in Barbados actually offer to buy the Hypto off of me in the car park after just seeing a couple of my waves.

    Everywhere else I’ve taken it, people always ask to check it out and want to catch a couple waves on it. BELIEVE
    THE HYPE. This board is the truth.

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