Walden Magic Model SUP 9’4

Walden Stand Up Paddle Board 9 foot 4

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Product Description

The Walden Magic Model 9’4″ Stand up Paddleboard (SUP) is designed as a hybrid board. Firstly it delivers outstanding performance in the surf for the more capable paddler, and secondly it offers female and lighter paddlers a compact, yet stable option for flat-water.

Like all Magic Models this SUP features Walden’s patented hull design. Single concave runs from the nose through to the midpoint creating lift and stability, then a double concave extends towards the tail to maintain sensitivity when riding waves.

A smooth, continuous rocker and a moderate amount of vee out through the tail keeps it highly maneuverable, while the bevel running around the perimeter of the board adds forgiveness in more critical situations.

The step-deck reduces the volume in the rail, which allows the board to sit high in the water, while keeping it responsive through turns.

Other features include the 4 1 fin configuration, deck pad with an arch bar and kick and a clear textured traction that runs to the nose.

If you like riding waves but still want the added stability that comes with a fuller outline, or you’re a lighter paddler who doesn’t want a longer board, the Walden 9’4″ SUP is a great choice.

Approx board weight: 10.26kg/22.6lbs.

Technical Information

Construction X3 Epoxy Construction

X-3 Epoxy was created specifically to capitalize on the strength and durability of a multi-layered sandwich construction, with the added advantage of reduced weight and more flex. The unique combination of materials used in this construction creates a board with a lively feel that literally springs off the bottom.
Proven to add significant performance to SUP boards due to the added drive, acceleration and glide, the strength of X-3 Epoxy is also perfect for traveling surfers looking to strike a balance between durability and performance.
You can find out more about GSI’s surfboard construction on our SUP construction page.

Board Concave Magic Bottom
Rail Magic Step
Surfer Skill Level Advanced, Beginner, Intermediate
Wave Height 1-7ft Waves


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