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What happens when you take a longboard and make it shorter, and re-distribute the foam into the outline and thickness? Answer, you get the Modern Double Wide. This high volume mid-length surfboard offers great stability and exceptional paddle power for beginner to intermediate surfers.

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Product Description

What happens when you take a longboard and make it shorter, and re-distribute the foam into the outline and thickness? Answer, you get the Modern Double Wide. This high volume mid-length surfboard offers great stability and exceptional paddle power for beginner to intermediate surfers.

OUTLINE: Generous nose outline up front with parallel rails, leading into a wide tail. Having maximum surface area gives this surfboard amazing side-to-side stability so it’s perfect for beginner and intermediate riders as they jump to their feet.

CONTOURS: Flat through the nose helps with early entry into softer waves, vee into double rolled concave in the back half of the board means more capable riders can still make flowing directional changes.

ROCKER: Relaxed through the entire length of the board with gentle lift in the nose and tail. This allows the board to paddle exceptionally well, catch waves easily, and maintain forward flow even in the white-water, while still allowing the board to turn in a smooth arc.

FOIL: Boxy rails and a high-volume foil from nose-to-tail means this board will sit high on the water making it perfect for maintaining speed and distance in smaller conditions.

PERFORMANCE: Our X1b technology uses epoxy materials with sheets of thin timber veneer wrapped around a high density EPS core creating a light, extremely reliable surfboard that’s particularly strong on the deck, and feels responsive in all conditions.

Available in two key sizes, the Modern Double Wide is perfect for anyone looking for the stability and paddle power of a longboard in a more manageable size board.


(based on novice to intermediate skill level)
7'4"22"3 3/4''72 ltr9" + FCS GL Sides85kg / 187lbs
8'4"23" 3 3/4''89 ltr9" + FCS GL Sides100kg / 220lbs

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Technical Info

Construction X1b Epoxy

X-1B Epoxy is an upgraded version of our X1 Epoxy. Still simple and effective construction using epoxy resin, woven fiberglass and a lightweight EPS core, but we remove a layer of fibreglass from the deck and add a .5mm layer of Bamboo. The EPS core is cut directly from the shapers files, and once custom shaped, is glassed in the traditional hand layup method with multiple layers of woven fiberglass and the bamboo.
This versatile construction is lightweight, affordable, and is very well suited to manufacturing surfboards and SUP’s. X-1B Epoxy boards are most popular for their subtle flex and memory recall properties, which translates into a board that feels light and responsive, and offers reliable performance regardless of the conditions. The Bamboo adds a beauty factor to this board.
You can find out more about GSI’s surfboard construction on our surfboard construction page.

Board Contours Vee Double
Rail Full
Rider Skill Level Beginner, Intermediate
Wave Height 0-3ft Waves

5 reviews for Modern Double Wide – X1b

    Andy Kruger July 18, 2018

    I use this as my travel board for Tamarindo Costa Rica. To provide some perspective, I weigh 220lbs and am an intermediate surfer able to catch head high+ unbroken waves and go down the line along with some basic turns. I wanted something that was smaller in length, easy to catch waves on, maneuverable, durable, looks good, and that I can continue to progress with.
    First off the 8’4” has a ton of float-like I said, I weigh 220lbs and it floats me quite well. Despite this, it does not feel “corky” or unstable. Last week I was riding head high plus waves taking late drops with zero issues-just get to the back of the board and enjoy the drop. I know the intended wave height it says is 0-3 feet-this is conservative IMO.
    One of the first things I did was replace the large generic center fin with a smaller cutaway performance fin to loosen the board up a bit. This was partially due out of necessity as the original fin screw got cross threaded in the metal plate and could not be tightened, but that’s a whole other story.
    The board is easy to paddle and catch waves on despite it being sub-9 feet, it does have reasonable glide. Rails are full and super forgiving as well.
    I was thoroughly impressed with how easy this board is to execute a bottom turn on-keep in mind, I am not using the stock fin. Board travels nicely down the line.
    Durability is a big plus as well since I banged a few walls in the stairwell get up and down from the condo.
    Not sure why, but wax does not seem to want to stick very well to the surface of the board even when using a base coat. Water here is 85 degrees so I am using a base coat with tropical wax and I find myself frequently reapplying-I may add full deck traction at some point.
    Overall, I am very happy with the Double Wide and would strongly recommend it to others-it satisfies all of the needs I was looking to fulfill.
    Only change I would make is to have other colors available for the bottom and rails-the bamboo top is cool, but the white color takes away from the cool factor.

    Gmmmer December 17, 2017

    Love this. My first real board after moving up from a softie. So easy to get up on and paddles really well. You cannot miss a wave on this board and fun in the smallest of surf. Great for older guys like me reasonably new to surfing.

    Peter B January 19, 2017

    Have taken up surfing about 5 months ago at age 56, 89kgs & very dodgy balance. Started on a cheap foamy, then using a borrowed board. This is my first proper board. Fantastic, so much volume I can catch almost every wave I go for. Easy paddling. Nice and wide with round nose and tail makes it very stable, makes it much easier to stand up and ride. Perfect board for learning on. Thanks Scott at Global Surf for the great advice on what board to choose and great customer service.

    Rick Harrison October 5, 2016

    Took a few sessions to get used to. Love the flotation and easier paddling at my age 64. Gives me the chance to pull some manoeuvres and sharper turns than the old mal. Really enjoying it and looking forward to a session on a good long steep wall.

    Russell August 10, 2016

    I have been sooo busy with a remodeling project that I have not had an opportunity to get any of my boards wet in 2 months . With that said, the guys were super helpful with ordering, the price is fair, the board arrived quickly and Un-Damaged. The board is beautiful and light for it’s size and seems to be well constructed. I can not tell you how it surfs yet but based on my experience and in light of the fact that I have 10-12 boards in various sizes from ultra small to entire logs I fully expect this board to be super sweet . Thx Russell / Gulf Coast Surfer Dude

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