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The Mini Mega Magic 2, is a mid-size sporty version of our best selling Mega Magic. Designed for the bigger guy who is looking for a bigger shortboard (rather than the Mega Magic which is a shorter longboard).

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Product Description

The Mini Mega Magic 2, is a mid-size sporty version of our best selling Mega Magic. Designed for the bigger guy who is looking for a bigger shortboard (rather than the Mega Magic which is a shorter longboard).

The Mini Mega Magic has more of a shortboard outline with a pulled in nose, and a lot of extra volume for maximum floatation yet it is still highly maneuverable.

The MIni Mega Magic has the famous Magic Model elements: our patented concave bottom, hard rails & lots of rocker. About 1/2-1″ thicker and 1-2″ wider than a standard Magic Model.

The nose and tail of the Mini Mega Magic 2 have been pulled in just slightly to loosen the board up, we took out the step deck for a smoother transition from deck to rail creating a thinner rail for more sensitivity, feel and control.

We Introduced FCSII fin boxes to the whole line up, snap in fins allow more versatility of fin selection on the fly.


LengthWidthThickVolumeFinsApprox Weight Range
(based on novice to intermediate skill level)
6'10''23 1/2''3 1/2''60.8 ltrFCSII Carver GF85kg / 187lb or less
7'6''23 1/2''3 3/4''79 ltrFCSII Carver GF85kg / 187lb +

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Technical Info

Construction SLX Epoxy Construction

SLX construction produces a controlled flex pattern by combining the versatility of epoxy materials with the added advantage of reduced weight. All SLX boards have an EPS core with a high-grade timber stringer, which is laminated by hand using epoxy resign, biaxial fiberglass and a specialized construction process.
Featuring a high strength-to-weigh ratio, and designs CNC milled directly from the shapers files. SLX boards feel light, responsive and are very sensitive under your feet. These boards are extremely versatile, easy to ride, and can be used in wide variety of conditions.
You can find out more about GSI’s surfboard construction on our surfboard construction page.

Board Contours Magic Bottom
Rail Full
Rider Skill Level Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Wave Height 1-6ft Waves

2 reviews for Walden Mini Mega Magic 2 – SLX

    Christopher Kratt January 27, 2019

    Love this board. I’m 210 lbs and surfing in Texas with Firewire Addvance and Baked Potato, a custom board as well. This 6’10 Mini Mega just feels right to me. This board gets me, works with me and helps me in what I’m trying to do and accomplish on the waves. Mini Mega turns nicer than the others except the Baked. They’re tied in that category. I can catch waves rather easily and it paddles good as well. I’m very happy with 6’10” Mini Mega and definitely getting another for my place on Oahu. Can’t wait to try it down there.

    Bigger guys need volume, or at least I do lmao, while not sacrificing turning and speed and this board does this for me.
    The shape is great and what helps it do what it does. Had some guys in Cali compliment the shape and size. Definitely an eye catcher as there is nothing really like this out there. Thank you Walden Mini Mega for being there for me 🙂

    wm linnik December 16, 2018

    Surfing this 6 10″ mini mega magic for about 6 months. San Diego Surf conditions , mostly reefs. Easy to get into waves. Feels a bit corky when coming down the face into that first bottom turn. I weigh 180 pounds. Enjoying it. Waist high to about 3 feet over head it works great. Gets redlined and a little harder to control on larger waves.. Go with M5 size fins (medium large) tri-fin set up seems best. Width of rail makes small hands sometimes slip when pushing up on board into stance. Not as fast as a 6 10 short board. I can sit outside the lineup of short boarders and catch more waves due to its volume. Turns much easier than long boards. Durable board, well glassed, no pressure dings. Replaced my 8”0″ Egg with it and like it better. A hybrid , best of both worlds long board catching, but short board manuvering surfboard. This 6’10” paddles like a 7’10” board. Hard to duck dive at beach breaks. Not a board for catching barrels , but damn good fun . Different than rest of my quiver and useful for most days except big winter or big summer swells.

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