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The Huevo, is a classic hybrid surfboard that incorporates the best of both the shortboard and longboard. It’s round nose and fuller tail gives plenty of floatation and makes paddling a breeze. With its shorter length and 2 + 1 fin set up makes for fast responsive turns and manoeuvrability.

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Creative Army Huevo Mid-Length PU Surfboard
Creative Army Huevo Mid-Length PU Surfboard
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Product Description

The Huevo, is a classic hybrid surfboard that incorporates the best of both the shortboard and longboard. It’s round nose and fuller tail gives plenty of floatation and makes paddling a breeze. With its shorter length and 2 + 1 fin set up makes for fast responsive turns and manoeuvrability.

OUTLINE: Its fuller outline with the wide point slightly forward of centre means you can trim and glide forward on the board, adds to the great paddle power and to the stability and flow, while its round tail makes for smoother transitions between turns.

ROCKER: With emphasis on being an all rounder it has a low to medium rocker, this is why you will find this board paddles with ease and flows through those dead sections with minimal effort. A slight lift in the nose makes those late take offs easier and the slight lift in the tail makes for nice drive through your turns.

CONTOURS: A nice classic slight rolled Vee from nose to tail makes it effortless for those rail to rail transitions, while the stance is anywhere on the board, however getting back over the fins the board will turn on a dime.

DECK LAYUP: 1 x 6oz + 1 x 4oz Fiberglass Cloth

BOTTOM LAYUP: 1 x 4oz cloth + 1 x 4oz Fin Patch

PERFORMANCE: Think summer grovely beach breaks when you don’t want a Longboard or it’s too small for your Shortboard or winter reefs and perfect points. This board can handle anything from waist to double overhead and any ability from beginner to advance. Enjoy


NOTE: Fins supplied with the board / Rider weight is based on board volume and intermediate rider skill level

LengthWidthThickVolumeFinsApprox Weight Range
6'10"21 1/8"2 3/4"44.4 ltr7" CA Custom Fin (not supplied)70kg / 154lb
7'6''21 7/8''2 3/4''50.95 ltr7" CA Custom Fin (not supplied)80kg / 176lb
8'1''22 1/8''2 7/8''59.1 ltr7" CA Custom Fin (not supplied)90kg / 198lb +



Technical Info

Construction Polyester - PU Construction

Polyester or PU construction uses traditional materials and laminating techniques to produce a strong, reliable surfboard with high quality finishes. All polyester boards are CNC milled from the shapers files and laminated by hand using quality components such as Hexcel fiberglass, Silmar resin and Bennett foam.
For years traditional polyester boards have been at the forefront of performance surfing. These boards feature a progressive flex pattern controlled by a high-grade timber stringer and feel very reliable under your feet. Polyester construction will perform in all surf conditions and can be adapted to suit a wide variety of surfboard models.
You can find out more about GSI’s surfboard construction on our surfboard construction page.

Board Contours Vee Concave
Rail Neutral
Wave Height 0-6ft Waves
Rider Skill Level Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

4 reviews for Creative Army Huevo – PU

    chris May 7, 2019

    Got this in the 6’10” to ride on smaller days …but love it so much that I now ride it in surf upto 4-5ft. Easy to duck dive & paddles like a dream, the board is well considered & generates loads of speed. Have given the board a good pounding in the beach breaks with no issues.

    Matheus Passoni March 25, 2019

    I just bought the 6’10” and used for 3 ft waves beach break with a single central 8 3/4 flex fin. I am amazed how responsive and manoeuvrability it is. I was also paddling as fast as the longboarders and getting in the waves as early as them with a 6’10” and I am 6’2″!! I am really excited to surf at least overhead to see how it will handle. Hopefully they fixed the light glassing that the other guys have complained because with the manoeuvrability that I felt I will use it a lot. I can give another review in 5-6 months to see if I should keep the 5 stars here.

    g j d November 14, 2018

    Becoming less and less stoked with this surfboard. This board surfs good but does becoming quickly under-gunned as wave height increases and steepens. Although, described as having medium rocker the board is actually pretty flat and can be a little tough to ride as the surf hollows out. However, having other boards more suited for steeper waves easily remedies this issue. My biggest grievance with this board is how easily it dings. I think the glassing is a little light. I have had to repair many dings in this board caused by very light impacts that should not have resulted in actual glass busting dings. Additionally after a little over a year of only moderate use the deck has the kind of dents you’d expect after many years of heavy use. Over all its an okay board but I really think GSI should consider a heavier glass schedule especially for a board this size or release it as an EPS/Epoxy.

      • tesskelly December 4, 2018

        Thanks for your review. We have increased the density of the blanks by 5%, your suggestion about an EPS version is also being investigate. Cheers Mark Kelly CEO @ GSI

      Mark Muller October 25, 2017

      Love this board rides so good in all conditions. So glad I took a chance on it as it’s very different from my other boards. Heaps of speed, drive out of the turns and very smooth to turn.

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