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Tom Carroll Paddle Surf Loose Leaf V2 SUP

Tom Carroll Paddle Surf Loose Leaf V2 CX SUP

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Product Description

The Tom Carroll Paddle Surf (TCPS) Loose Leaf V2 stand up paddleboard (SUP) sits within our range for the paddle surfer looking for uninterrupted glide and speed, without compromising manoeuvrability within a more compact design.

OVERVIEW: Loose Leaf V2 is a strenuously researched upgrade to it’s predecessor, offering subtle shifts in volume placement, bottom curves and outline while adding stronger lightweight construction methods.

DESIGN: The wide point has been brought incrementally forward creating a broader nose and narrower tail plan shape, especially at 12″ – 24″ up from the tail. This coupled with a classic forward foil thickness enables increased stability around the relaxed central paddle zone, then step back to manoeuvre with direct response over the deep double concave vee bottom, and a narrower tail.

CONTOURS: We maintain the original chine rail and displacement bottom contours, with some very subtle adjustments to the concave depths to offer a touch more displacement and better control when transitioning between turns. This combination of bottom curves allows water to travel easily under the large surface area while reducing slapping and sticking.<\p>

ROCKER: Lower entry rocker and increased tail rocker both creates simpler glide into unbroken waves, then once we step back its easier to engage tighter turns off the tail area.<\p>

PERFORMANCE: We bring four sizes into the Loose Lleaf V2 range via co-designer Blane Chambers’ inspired marriage of chine rail and hydrodynamic hull. This effectively reduces rail volume for ease of engagement when moving from rail to rail, while delivering an underlying feeling of manageable sensitivity. Now working with the lighter, more responsive and durable Carbon Fusion (CX) Construction offers the rider stable paddle glide, controlled wave trim from nose to mid-section, with tighter changes of direction from the tail.

FIN RECOMMENDATIONS: FCS II Tom Carroll SUP Quad for larger open face waves. FCS II 6″ LB Connect PG + FCS II TC SUP Quad rears as side bites (2 +1) for conditions demanding fast pivot turns. I like to ride with the centre fin as far forward as possible.

Approx board weights: 8’0: 7.9kg/17.4lbs | 8’4: 8.4kg/18.5lbs | 8’8: 9.1kg/20lbs | 9’0 9.8kg/21.6lbs | 9’6: 10.6kg/23.3lbs.


NOTE: rider weight is based on board volume and intermediate rider skill level.
8'0''26 11/16''3 13/32''78 ltr7.5 Center W/ FCSII performer Med Quad70kg / 154lb or less
8'4''27''3 15/16''96 ltr7.5 Center W/ FCSII performer Med Quad75kg / 165lb
8'8''29''4 5/16''111 ltr7.5 Center W/ FCSII performer Med Quad85kg / 187lb +
9'0''31''4 3/32''120 ltr7.5 Center W/ FCSII performer Med Quad90kg / 198lb or less
9'6''32 13/16''4 7/16''141 ltr7.5 Center W/ FCSII performer Med Quad95kg / 209lb or less

Technical Info


CX Constuction

Carbon Fusion (CX) is a multi-layer sandwich construction that’s formed through the use of several vacuum bag processes. The goal of this construction is to build a light-weight, strong and performance orientated board. Consisting of two layers of carbon, multiple layers of fibreglass and unidirectional carbon tape applied to a medium density EPS core, the vacuum bagging process is done after each layer is applied to ensure the maximum bond is formed, without an excess use of epoxy resin. This process produces a superb product that will more than meet the requirements of paddlers who want to push their performance.
Board Concave

Double Concave

Double concaves add lift and drive.

Chine Rail Bevels

Chines allow the shaper to precisely control the release of water on the rail.
Surfer Skill Level

Beginner, Advanced, Intermediate

Wave Height

1-8ft Waves


Action Shots


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  1. 5 out of 5 We can t wait to have the Version 2 here in the NE German Baltic sea area!!!

    We ride the Loose Leaf 8,8 Version 1 here down Northern parts of Europe. We ve been riding all those big name companies in SUPsurfing before but never had that perfect glide and endless surf feeling like on the Tom Carroll Loose Leaf in the past! Great experiences and development of Tom Carroll and Blane Chambers- thank you so much for it. Hope to get the Version 2 soon here in Europe.

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